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Thursday, November 5, 2009
  UT Speed Networking
Professor Gene Kincaid of The University of Texas, along with his Digital Media Class, is coordinating an Advertising/PR networking event as a fun initiative to connect the Department's alumni and students.

All are welcome to come Thursday, November 12, 6-8p at the Pickle Research Campus - 3925 West Braker Lane in Austin, TX. For more information and to rsvp, please visit the Facebook Page.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009
  Business Call
Ricky Van Veen is somewhat of a personal role model. He started CollegeHumor as a college student, and in the past 10 years, has come to build it into a famous brand penetrating different media such as literature, theater, and tv. I met him about a month ago, and have unsuccessfully been trying to sit down and talk with him about entrepreneurship, New York, and life since. That is, until last Sunday.

Weiser and Van Veen at CollegeHumor Live on Thursday, July 30

Long story short, to help him clear his schedule and squeeze in a meeting, I had to go pick up his business cards in Brooklyn, and drop them off at his West Village apartment around 10pm. Even though he was frenzied from packing for his LA trip the next day, he was very personable, genuine and generally good humored. He gave me some great insight and advice, which I have taken to heart.

If everything works out, Texas Ventures will be bringing him to UT to speak in November. Stay tuned!

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