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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
  College Kids and Happiness
A lot of times, advertisers will try to execute guerrilla ad campaigns that don't necessarily align with the brand messaging. Coke, however, recently pulled off a truly integrated and relevant stunt.

Keeping with the theme of Coke's "The Happiness Factory" spot, agency Definition 6 installed a special vending machine on a college campus, basically acting as a "Happiness Factory" in and of itself.

Skip to 1:02, at which point the Coke executives grin widely and declare this a "success." [Via]

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Monday, November 9, 2009
  Fly By Advertising

A company at a German trade show attached tiny banner advertisements to flies and set them loose on unsuspecting visitors, in a bizarre yet effective marketing stunt.

"One marketing creative's stroke of genius is another person's animal cruelty."

The banners, measuring only centimeters across, seemed weigh the flies down. This forced them to rest more often, which is a stroke of genius on the part of the marketing creatives: the flies end up at about eye level, and whenever a fly is forced to land and recover, the banner is clearly visible. What's more, the zig-zagging of the fly naturally attracts the attention because of its rapid movement. (via Kottke)

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
  Interview Messups, Case Study #4
Okay, this isn't exactly an interview messup case study, but it is hysterical.

Made by FEED Company, an agency that creates branded entertainment viral videos for different agencies and products. This one was produced for Deloitte Consulting.

It's funny, it turns out a lot of the viral videos that I loved specifically for being so unique and strictly amateur were made by the professionals at FEED. These letdowns include Fast Food Folk Song, Bike Hero, and Never Hide.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009
  Flash Mobs - A Different Kind of OOH
"Flash mobs," originally from a New York based group called Improv Everywhere, have become an emerging media tool. They are useful because they are unexpected, grab attention, are generally funny, and if they are good enough, become internet sensations and memes. Check out some brands who have recently capitalized on Flash Mob energy: Flash Mob (8/13)

Tyra Banks Show - "Reveal Your Real Hair" (8/17)

Beyonce - 100 Single Ladies for Trident (4/20)

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Friday, July 31, 2009
  I Love You, Jake Minor!
In Los Angeles's Alexander Hamilton High School, Valedictorian Kenya Mejia ended her graduation speech with, "I cannot let this opportunity just pass by... I love you, Jake Minor!"

That's cute and everything, but apparently it was a guerrilla marketing effort by the folks promoting the new movie, "I Love You Beth Cooper." After her speech, Mejia cashed in a check for $1,800

What's genius about this "media placement" is not that it reached the several hundred kids sitting in the audience. It's that the trade publications, word of motuh, and viral video scene all picked up on it and spread it out. Good job.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009
  The Real "Mobile"
Nowadays, brands get all sorts of crazy exposure through guerrilla marketing. Some brands become lovemarks, so near and dear to their consumers, that they get tattoos of said brands.

Other brands, however, have to pay for the space the occupy on peoples' skin. Examples:

Parissa Wax Strips paid this man to walk the Vacouver beach, handing out free samples. Via

In 2001, Air New Zealand bought ad space on peoples' to display temporary tattoos on their shaven heads. Via

Also, see "Spankvertising" and eyelid advertisements.

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