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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
  College Kids and Happiness
A lot of times, advertisers will try to execute guerrilla ad campaigns that don't necessarily align with the brand messaging. Coke, however, recently pulled off a truly integrated and relevant stunt.

Keeping with the theme of Coke's "The Happiness Factory" spot, agency Definition 6 installed a special vending machine on a college campus, basically acting as a "Happiness Factory" in and of itself.

Skip to 1:02, at which point the Coke executives grin widely and declare this a "success." [Via]

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009
  That's How I Roll
For being a classic, Coke is pretty innovative. In the past six months, they have created revolutionary concepts for:

1) Vending Machines:

"Coca-Cola recently unveiled a vending machine that dispenses customizable soda drinks and tracks users’ favorite choices. The prototype vending machine will carry a staggering 140 beverage flavors and customers can pick their drinks based on calories, caffeine content or just color via a touch screen interface. Each choice is customizable and the basic flavors can be played with by the user’s modifications." - [via PSFK]
2) Can Design:
"For years, the popular method to freshen the appearance of soft drink cans was to clad them in eye-catching graphics. Since every beverage maker uses the same shape of can, designer Samal thought there was room for improvement in the physical design of beverage cans. His new concept for a Classic Coke can does away with the typical round cylinder shape in favor of a more faceted look." [Via PSFK]

Wonder if these will catch on and be embraced... or, will people freak out the way they did with New Coke?

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