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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
  Ice Cream and Behavioral Targeting
Israeli food giant Tnuva targeted their new chocolate dessert to only the recently single. By signing a deal with JDate, its ads are only showed to those returning to their accounts after an absence of several days. The idea was that people who logged into their profiles after time away had presumably been dating, but the relationship had since ended.

I wonder how many of my friends were served this ad [via].

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Friday, July 31, 2009
  Web 3.0
Last year, the big "it" word was "Web 2.0," which is essentially social media. Great. The innovators and early adopters have already hopped on that train and have authored blogs/twitterstreams for over a year now, while the older brands and less tech savvy users are struggling to "figure out this social networking thing."

Considering how quickly the web evolves and transforms, it seems Web 3.0 is well on its way.

So, here it is. Web 3.0. "BT," or "Behavioral Targeting" is basically the next big thing. Thanks largely in part to the blogosphere, the web has gotten SO big, with SO many sources for different types of information, that there it is overwhelming users. In order to make advertising and content more relevant, cookies and behavioral tracking essentially hyper monitor users' movements and activity on the web in order to serve up relevant ads. So each ad you'll see will be based on all of your online activity, making sure the messages are relevant and your time/advertisers' money isn't wasted.

A small indicator of how big this is getting, is that the government is trying to limit advertisers' use of cookies and behavioral targeting, by giving the consumer the ability to opt-in. My opinion? I'm partial, being in the industry and all, but I'd rather not waste consumers' time with ads that are not relevant or relatable.

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