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Monday, February 15, 2010
  Google Billboards
Google is going to start selling billboard ad space in its street views portion of Google Maps.

I'm curious... since Google typically specializes in animated internet ads, will the ads on the billboards be static to imitate real life? Or animated, as a continuation of the physical to digital transition/balance? [via PC World]

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Friday, February 12, 2010
Sweethearts, the popular Valentine's day candy, has added "tweet me" to their conversation hearts this year. This seems appropriate, as both are known for saying so much with so little [via].

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
  Ice Cream and Behavioral Targeting
Israeli food giant Tnuva targeted their new chocolate dessert to only the recently single. By signing a deal with JDate, its ads are only showed to those returning to their accounts after an absence of several days. The idea was that people who logged into their profiles after time away had presumably been dating, but the relationship had since ended.

I wonder how many of my friends were served this ad [via].

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Friday, February 5, 2010
  Crystal Ball Panel: What's Next in 2010
This week is Social Media Week in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Sao Paulo, London and Berlin, and I was asked to guest blog for...

What’s Next: Social Media in 2010
Panel at the Roger Smith Hotel, NYC

Panelists: BL Ochman, Howard Greenstein, David Berkowitz, Brian Simpson.

What expectations, measurements and results do we plan on seeing in 2010? There is a lot of buzz surrounding the way Social Media will shape the business and communication landscape. Addressing these speculations, the panel outlined expectations, measurements and results we can hope to see in 2010.

Expectations: "Big companies need to take it seriously."

  • As explained above, one reason why big companies don't engage in Social Media is because they are scared.

  • In 2010, the panel unanimously agreed that many more big businesses will realize how valuable of a communication tool Social Media can be. Not only is it challenging, interesting and fun, "but it has the potential to be very lucrative.

  • Every client wants long-term strategies, and the panel predicts that in order to achieve this, clients will begin investing 5-7 figures into social media campaigns.

  • Less about what we do, and more about the reason they talk. A good business practice uses social media as means for proliferation, not an improvement to the service/product. It's easy to get carried away, but a successful business model has a truly quality offering, while providing the means with which to share the experience it provides. Social media allows others to talk about how great business-x is.

  • Measurement: "Social Media should come at the beginning."

    Results: "Social Media should come at the beginning."

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    Thursday, February 4, 2010
      Women in Social Media Answer
    This week is Social Media Week in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Sao Paulo, London and Berlin, and I was asked to guest blog for...

    Women in Social Media Answer: “Why Go Social?” & “What’s the Right Way to Do It?”
    Panel at the JP Morgan Chase Building, NYC

    Panelists: Alexa Hirschfeld, Meghan Muntean, Casey Carter, Joran Reid.

    The panel of strong, successful women featured those who, after spending time with traditional and realizing that digital is the future, have found their niche in the digital space. Their entrepreneurial spirits and experience provided insight into the two biggest issues addressed: "Why go social?" and "What is the right way to do it?"

    Why: “Bloggers just get it.”

  • One issue addressed was that of the FCC's new restrictions on bloggers, essentially mandating that they issue full disclosure whenever gifted or paid to create content. The panel agreed that this is completely in line with the informal blogging code: be honest. Bloggers should give full disclosure regardless of the FCC, as they owe it to their readers.

  • Have fun: Blogging should be a safe, fun space in which like-minded individuals can express themselves.

  • Whenever a blogger posts about an item, readers can immediately click through and potentially be moved to purchase. This immediate response truly separates traditional from digital, allowing for faster and much more effective ROI.

  • How : "What is the right way to do it?"

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    Wednesday, February 3, 2010
      The Law in Times Square
    The FBI has partnered with Clear Channel Outdoor, an outdoor media vendor, to launch an electronic billboard in Times Square to publicize their Most Wanted. This billboard is one of 1,500 billboards in 40 states. Since 2007, the FBI has used billboards to catch criminals and solve ~30 criminals as a result of these publicity efforts.

    Since OOH / traditional media is on the decline, donating Billboard space makes sense... but what I don't understand is why they gave up such valuable real estate. Times Square placements go for a a pretty hefty sum, and the intended audience is generally tourists. Is it worth it to give this highly valuable placement to an ephemeral audience, who will barely be in the city long enough to catch / spot these criminals? Or would it be more efficient to donate a spot in a more residential neighborhood?

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    Monday, February 1, 2010
      Social Suicide

    The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine essentially deletes any Social Media presence you may have. Not only does it sign you out of and change the password to social networks, it also deletes, one by one, all of your connections, claiming to "improve your relationships" and "get rid of stalkers."

    "My internet life is dying, my real life is starting."

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