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Monday, February 1, 2010
  Social Suicide

The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine essentially deletes any Social Media presence you may have. Not only does it sign you out of and change the password to social networks, it also deletes, one by one, all of your connections, claiming to "improve your relationships" and "get rid of stalkers."

"My internet life is dying, my real life is starting."

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LOL! Sweet idea
For a secular guy though, he's got a lot of kids the same age! haha I hope that now he's able to cook them dinner every night just like he wanted to.. ;)

Truth be told, there is a point to all this. I think that the disadvantages that come along with social media can be as great as the advantages (with some exceptions such as tracking down old friends, and keeping in touch overseas). Think about it. Facebook was created to give us the opportunity to connect with people with whom we would normally not have the time to keep in touch with... meaning, you can now provide more quality information about your life, with a larger quantity of friends. For example, through posting pictures and notes about yourself that can be read by many, as apposed to contacting each and every one separately and repeating the information to each one.
Yet the more you network, the LESS time you have for everyone, and and your relationships can become more generic than personal. And the more friends you friend, the more difficult it is to keep track of them, so we lose alot of them in the huge lists of friends.

When we no longer have time to send personal emails, emails begin to get overlooked, after all, they are just mass notifications. Overall, i think that in the long run meaningful relationships are what benefit us more then huge networks. It may excite us to know that the whole world can now know what we had for breakfast, but who really cares, other than the ones you love?!
Sometimes less is more

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