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Friday, January 8, 2010
  Contradicting Copy
Advertising can contradict itself. The most common of advertising gone wrong is unfortunate ad placement, seen all over the web and traditional media. However, every now and then an ad's copy can betray its intent.

This ad, featured on a Subway, basically asks passengers not to litter. However, the 'fine print' says "thank you for contributing," as subway litter is recycled. If anything, that little tidbit encourages the litter. Whereas trash in the can generally ends up in a landfill, trash on the ground goes green. Which one do you want?

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You haven't learned New Yorkese yet.

On this sign, litter means trash that is thrown away in the cans, not trash left in the train.

It confused me at first as well. But what they mean is if you throw the trash away in the trash cans that they provide, it will be recycled. If not, it will dirty the trains until it is collected by an employee late at night.

But this is hardly the worst sign I've seen. That distinction probably goes to the "litter on the tracks" sign.

I mean seriously, who wrote the copy on that?

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